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Kushi (skewer)

are skewers used in Japanese cuisine to hold and pierce food for grilling and frying, such as yakitori. They range in length from about 15 to 30 cm. Kushi may be made of steel, bamboo, or other wood. The steel and wooden varieties are reusable, while those made from bamboo are usually only used once and discarded, thus street vendors usually dispense bamboo ones.

The Japanese kanji for kushi is 串, which is an example of a pictogram describing the meaning of the kanji.

Kushi (2001 film)

Kushi is a Telugu film which released on 27 April 2001 and was directed by S. J. Surya. Pawan Kalyan and Bhoomika Chawla paired up for the first time in this film. It is a remake of the 2000 Tamil film of the same name which starred Vijay and Jyothika in the lead roles.

Kushi (2000 film)

Kushi is a 2000 Tamil romantic comedy film directed by S. J. Surya and produced by A. M. Rathnam. The film featured Vijay and Jyothika in the leading roles, while Mumtaj, Vivek and Vijayakumar play other supporting roles. The film had cinematography by Jeeva, while music was composed by Deva. The film opened in May 2000 to positive reviews and was a blockbuster at the box office, prompting remakes in Hindi as Khushi and in Telugu as Kushi and twice in Kannada as Chandu and Eno Onthara.

Kushi (song)

"Kushi" (; Khushī) is the first of single of Bombay Rockers from their second album Crash And Burn. It was released in 2006. Kushi was a hit track that sold over a million copies in India and Denmark.


kushi sharma Kushi or Khushi may refer to:

Kushi (mountains)

Kushi (, Balochi also Urdu, Pashto, Kurdi and Hindi Devanagari: , happiness or marriage) is a mountain near Shaki Ram about 23 km from Qalat Kalat, Pakistan Balochistan. The two mountains are removed by a unifying about 5 km. It seems that the two mountains belong together and is a mountain ridge. The mountain is located below the Durand Line between Afghanistan and India (now Pakistan) in the field of Baloch people. It is located not far from the similarly-named Kush mountain. The Balochi language is one of the four major Iranian languages (Paschto, Balochi, Kurdi and Persian).