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Kushan kings of Gandhara over two thousand years ago and I like to imagine Alexander the Great passing through and feeling safe here.

Kushans and Maratha cavalrymen, in the main, who cheerfully accepted the berating abuse of the Keralan ship captains.

Belisarius, along with Anastasius and Valentinian, were standing on top of the huge pile of stones which the Kushans had dug out of the Nehar Malka.

Kushan encampment, Valentinian and Anastasius were waiting with the horses.

Most of that time had been spent spearing the five Malwa gamblers, whose squawling, writhing, squirming huddle had presented a peculiar obstacle to the Kushan soldiers.

Every one of those thousand cataphracts who pounded past the Kushan hedgehog, fired at least one arrow into the enemy mass.

Belisarius and his cataphracts were within fifty yards of the Malwa regulars who had been advancing behind the Kushans.

The Kushan seemed slightly discomfited by the fact that he had no stirrups.

The hunter, along with Kujulo and the three other Kushans, were waiting for them by the side of road.

The Kushans were chivvying the captives mercilessly, driving them in like a human flood.

She had discovered, in the long and arduous weeks of their trek across all of Persia, that she got along very well with the Kushan women.

The Kushans, encumbered with armor and gear, had made heavy going of the march.

By the morning of the third day, Kushan shock troops had taken the outlying hillforts in two solid days of savage hand-to-hand combat, using both their traditional swords and spears as well as the Roman grenades for which all Kushan soldiers had developed a great affection.

Kushan soldiers—ruffians, the lot of 'em, filled with unbridled lust—constantly surrounding the foreigners' howdahs and tents, filled with so many lovely girls.

Especially if Kungas succeeds in reconquering the lands of the former Kushan empire, where the Ye-tai once had their stronghold.