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Kumbo, also known as Kimbo, is the second-largest city in the North West Province of Cameroon and the capital of Bui Division. It lies about 2000m above sea level and is situated approximately 110 km away from Bamenda (the provincial capital of the North West Province), on the Bamenda Highlands Ring Road. Kumbo has a population of 80,212 (at the 2005 Census) and is split into three distinctive hilly settlements of Tobin, Mbveh, and Squares. The town is known for horse racing (Tobin Stadium ) and traditional medicine, and also for its palace (Nso Palace), a market and two hospitals (Shisong Hospital & Banso Baptist Hospital ). Kumbo is the capital city of the Nso Kingdom of the Nso people. The lingua franca is Lamnso but Pidgin, English, French, Oku, Djottin, Fulfulde, and Hausa are spoken.

The first German settlers were Missionaries of the Sacred Heart who arrived in 1912 and established their mission in 1913.