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Kumba is a city in Southwest Region, Western Cameroon also known as K town. Kumba has an estimated population of about 400.000 inhabitants with about ¾ of this population falling within the youthful age group. The increase in population is as a result of increase in birth rate and a fall in infant mortality rate as a result of improvement in Infant health care and migrations (Rural – Urban). The N8 and N16 highways meet at Kumba.

Kumba (roller coaster)

Kumba is a Bolliger & Mabillard sit down roller coaster located at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, in Tampa, Florida. Opened in 1993, it stands tall and has a top speed of . Kumba features a total of seven inversions across the 3-minute ride.

Kumba (disambiguation)

Kumba can refer to:

  • Kumba is a city in Southwest Province, western Cameroon
  • Kumba is a genus of fishes (family Macrouridae ( rattails), subfamily Macrourinae)
  • Kumba Ialá (also spelled Yala)(born in 1953) is a Guinea-Bissau politician and former President.
  • Kumba (roller coaster), roller coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa
  • Kumba Resources, South African iron ore company
Kumba (genus)

Kumba is a genus of rattails.