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Kumarakoil-Kumarakovil ( Tamil:குமாரகோவில்) is a small village in Kanyakumari district. Here is the famous Subrahmanya (Muruga) Temple by the name of "Velimalai Kumaraswamy Temple'. The temple was built on a hill named 'Velimalai'. Lord muraga and his consort Goddess Valli are the main deities. It is believed that they married here. It is built on a rocky terrain about 200 feet in height. The rock cut temple with stone carvings is a splendid structure. A large water body is seen in the surrounding. Majority of the devotees are from Kerala state. A police party and band from Kerala state is present on certain celebrations of this grand temple. Many children get their first feed (choor\Oonu kodupu) in this temple. There is a shed for holy animals- cow, bull, peacock in the temple courtyard. Kuramakoil is one of the holiest places for Hindus. It is about 34 kilometers from Kanyakumari and around 50 km from Trivandrum airport. Around 5 kilometers from Thakkallay (thucalay) town bus stand, many buses are available to Kumarakovil. A new landmark nearby is the Noorul Islam University.