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Kültepe (Turkish: Ash Hill) is an archaeological site located in Kayseri Province in Turkey. The nearest modern city to Kültepe is Kayseri, about 20 km southwest. It consists of a tell, the actual Kültepe, and a lower town where an Assyrian settlement was found. Its name in Assyrian texts from the 20th century BC was Kaneš (spoken: Kah nesh), the later Hittites mostly called it Neša, occasionally Anisa.

Kültepe (disambiguation)

Kültepe is a village and an important ancient site in Kayseri Province, Turkey.

Kültepe (literally "ash hill" in Turkic languages) may also refer to:

  • Kültəpə, a village in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan
  • Kültepe Dam, a dam in Turkey