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The Kulin nation is an alliance of five Indigenous Australian tribes in south central Victoria, Australia. Their collective territory extends around Port Phillip and Western Port, up into the Great Dividing Range and the Loddon and Goulburn River valleys.

Prior to European settlement, the tribes spoke five related languages. These languages were spoken in two groups: the Eastern Kulin group of Woiwurrung, Bunurong, Taungurong and Ngurai-illam-wurrung; and the western language group of just Wathaurung. The central Victoria area had been inhabited for an estimated 31,000 to 40,000 years prior to European settlement. At the time of European settlement in the 1830s, the collective populations of the Wurundjeri, Bunurong and Wathaurong tribes of the Kulin nation was estimated to be under 20,000. The Kulin lived by fishing, hunting and gathering, and made a sustainable living from the rich food sources of Port Phillip and the surrounding grasslands.

Due to the sustainable hunter-gather lifestyle of the Kulin nation tribes, there is limited physical evidence of their past. However, there is a small number of registered sites of cultural and spiritual significance in the Melbourne area.

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  • Ayşe Kulin (born 1941), Turkish novelist and columnist
  • Ban Kulin (1163–1204), Bosnian monarch
  • György Kulin (1905–1989), Hungarian astronomer
  • Károly Kulin-Nagy (1910–1992), Hungarian Olympic shooter