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Kükü (also, Kyuki and Kyukyu) is a village and municipality in the Shahbuz District of Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan. It is located 20 km in the north from the district center, on the bank of the Kukuchay River, on the south-west of the slope of the Daralayaz ridge. Its population is busy with gardening and animal husbandry. There are secondary school, kindergarten, library, club and hospital in the village. It has a population of 1,466. Nearby are located the archaeological monuments of Kuku I, Kuku II and Kuku Necropolis.

Kuku (music)

Kuku is the title of a traditional piece of music from the West African nation of Guinea. According to Mamady Keita, its rhythm was played by women as they came back from fishing. Nowadays this music is played during parties. Some people believe that it was played by two different peoples, one of which was the Manian ethnic group in the forest region of Guinea.

Kuku (food)

Kuku also spelled as Kookoo is an egg based Iranian dish. It is frequently a vegetarian dish, made with whipped eggs which then are folded in with various ingredients. It is similar to the Italian dish frittata or an open-faced omelette. Kuku typically has less egg than a frittata, and it cooks for a shorter amount of time, over a low heat, before turned over or grilled briefly to set the top layer.

For the typical Kuku Sabzi recipe (as pictured), the eggs and herbs are mixed and seasoned with salt, black pepper, walnuts, sometimes flour, sometime barberries, sometimes baking powder and ground turmeric or adviyeh spice mixture. The mixture is then poured into a preheated oiled pan, covered and cooked over low heat until set, sometimes flipped or finished in a hot oven. Some cooks saute the herbs briefly before adding the eggs. The amount of herb ingredients usually greatly exceeds the amount of eggs, which merely serve to hold the kuku together, making the predominant flavor that of the herbs rather than that of a typical "egg omelette." Walnuts and zereshk ( barberries) are a favorite garnish for on top. It is often sliced and served hot or cold with bread or rice, yogurt, sabzi khordan (platter of fresh herbs) and'' torshi'' (pickled vegetables). Kuku can be a main dish or an appetizer.


KUKU (1330 AM, "Ozark Regional NewsTalk") was an American radio station licensed to serve the community of Willow Springs, Missouri. The station, established in 1957, was owned and operated by Missouri Ozarks Radio Network, Inc. The station's FCC license was cancelled on November 21, 2014 after the station had been silent since March 2013.

It broadcast a news/ talk radio format in conjunction with sister station KWPM (1450 AM).

The station was assigned the call sign "KUKU" by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Usage examples of "kuku".

Bettik, Rachel and Theo, George and Jigme, Kuku and Kay, Chim Din and Gyalo Thondup, Lhomo and Labsang, Kim Byung-Soon and Viki Groselj, Kenshiro and Haruyuki, Master Abbot Kempo Ngha Wang Tashi and his master, the young Dalai Lama, Voytek Majer and Janusz Kurtyka, brooding Rimsi Kyipup and grinning Changchi Kenchung, the Dorje Phamo the Thunderbolt Sow and Carl Linga William Eiheji.

Others wandered in and were introduced -- the foremen George Tsarong and Jigme Norbu, two sisters who were in charge of much of the decorative railing work -- Kuku and Kay Se, Gyalo Thondup in his formal silken robes and Jigme Taring in soldier's garb, the teaching monk Chim Din and his master, Kempo Ngha Wang Tashi, abbot of the gompa at the Temple Hanging in Air, a female monk named Donka Nyapso, a traveling trade agent named Tromo Trochi of Dhomu, Tsipon Shakabpa who was the Dalai Lama's overseer of construction here at the Temple, and the famed climber and paraglide flyer Lhomo Dondrub, who was perhaps the most striking man I had ever seen and -- I later discovered -- one of the few flyers who would drink beer or break bread with Dugpas, Drukpas, or Drungpas.

I recognize the infinite woodcarving skill and care of the sisters, Kuku and Kay Se, in the elaborate carvings just under my fingertips here.

He had maintained a one-sided, unnoticeable telepathic contact with the Japanese Tako Kukuta until Tako's hypnoblock had been removed by a psychophysical method.