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Kui may refer to:

Kui (Chinese mythology)

Kui is a polysemous figure in ancient Chinese mythology. Classic texts use this name for the legendary musician Kui who invented music and dancing; for the one-legged mountain demon or rain-god Kui variously said to resemble a Chinese dragon, a drum, or a monkey with a human face; and for the Kuiniu wild yak or buffalo.

Kui (Māori mythology)

Kui was a chthonic demigoddess and the wife of Tuputupuwhenua in Māori mythology. They supposedly live underground and when a new house is built, a tuft of grass is offered to them.

Kui is also the name of the father of Vahi-vero and the grandfather of Rata in the Tuamotu islands.

Kui (instrumental musical composition)

'''Kui ''' -is an instrumental musical composition with 1,5–4 minutes length. This type of composition is met in musical culture of almost all Kipchak peoples, including Kazakhs and Kyrgyzs. Kui is performed with different national plucked, bow and wind instruments such as Dombyra, Qobyz, Syrnai, etc. Mostly Kuis are performed with plucked instruments: Dombyra of Kazakhs and Komuz of Kyrgyzs. In the 20th century Kazakh Soviet musicians experimented with chorus performance of Kuis.

Usage examples of "kui".

They had been saving for years, and they were disguised in beggars' rags as they clutched sacks of gold and waited at the door of Szu Kui, "Dead Ghost," a mysterious magus three times arisen from the grave, who would sell them pieces of polished cedar wood, hollowed out and filled on the fifth day of the fifth moon with twenty-four beneficial and eight poisonous ingredients, and if they used the logs as pillows for one hundred consecutive nights the lines on their faces would smooth out, and after four years their youth would be completely restored.