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KSV can refer to:

  • Karyakshama Seva Vibhushanaya (Efficient Service Decoration), a military medal awarded in Sri Lanka
  • Key selection vector, in cyptography, the numerical associated with a Device Key Set and distributed by a licensor or its designee to adopters — used to support authentication and revocation of licensed products
  • Kaposi's sarcoma virus
  • [[Holstein Kiel|Kieler Sportvereinigung

Holstein]], a German football club based in Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein

  • KSV is a German short-term for " Stern-Volmer Konstante" it stands for the Stern-Volmer constant, which is used to calculate the O2 in optical measurement systems.

kSv can refer to:

  • Kilosievert, a thousand sieverts (measuring the biological effects of radiation doses)