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The Korean Smart Top-Attack Munition (KSTAM) is a smart munition intended to be launched from the gun of a main battle tank, namely the K2 Black Panther. Comparable systems include Diehl Corporation's Spear and SMArt 155, Israeli Aerospace Industries LAHAT, Israeli Military Industries Excalibur, GIAT Industries Polynege, Alliant Techsystems STAFF and MRM-KE, Raytheon's MRM-CE, and the two final companies' TERM.

There are two variants of KSTAMs; KSTAM-I and KSTAM-II. KSTAM-I is modeled after Israel's 105 mm Excalibur top-attack munition, while KSTAM-II is modeled after Diehl's SMArt 155. While the two systems significantly differ from one another, their concept remains the same; to defeat enemy armor by attacking their most vulnerable spot, the top.