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KSR is an initialism that may mean:

  • Kendall Square Research, a supercomputer company headquartered originally in Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Keyboard Send Receive, a designation used by Teletype Corporation for teleprinters that contain a keyboard but no punched tape equipment
  • Kim Stanley Robinson, an American science fiction writer known for his award-winning Mars trilogy
  • a kinetic sculpture race of human-powered amphibious works of art
  • KSR v. Teleflex, a significant precedent in U.S. patent law
  • Katahdin Scout Reservation, otherwise known as Camp Roosevelt, a Boy Scouts of America camp in Maine
  • ksrct, otherwise known as K.S. Rangasamy College of Technology
  • Khao San Road, a short road in central Bangkok, popular with backpackers
  • Kinase suppressor of Ras, a protein in the MAP Kinase cascade
  • Killington Ski Resort, a ski area in Killington, Vermont
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia