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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hydrosulphide \Hy`dro*sul"phide\, n. (Chem.) One of a series of compounds, derived from hydrogen sulphide by the replacement of half its hydrogen by a base or basic radical; as, potassium hydrosulphide, KSH. The hydrosulphides are analogous to the hydrates and include the mercaptans.


Sulphydrate \Sul*phy"drate\, n. (Chem.) A compound, analogous to a hydrate, regarded as a salt of sulphydric acid, or as a derivative of hydrogen sulphide in which one half of the hydrogen is replaced by a base (as potassium sulphydrate, KSH), or as a hydrate in which the oxygen has been wholly or partially replaced by sulphur.


KSH or ksh may refer to:

  • Kenyan shilling, the currency of Kenya
  • Korn shell, a Unix shell developed by David Korn in the early 1980s
  • Kölsch language (ISO 639-3 language code), a Ripuarian dialect spoken in Germany
  • , the Hungarian Central Statistical Office

  • Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani Airport (IATA airport code), in Kermanshah, Iran