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KSC may refer to:

  • Karlsruher SC, a German association football club, based in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg
  • Keene State College, a US college that is part of the University System of New Hampshire
  • Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, a Houston-based, NASA-affiliated, multi-specialty healthcare system
  • Kennedy Space Center, a NASA space vehicle launch facility
  • Kenya Social Congress
  • Kilogram-force per square centimetre
  • Knights of Saint Columba, a British order of Catholic Laymen men
  • Knights of the Southern Cross, an Australian order of Catholic men
  • Košice International Airport, Košice, Slovakia, by IATA airport code
  • Kurunjang Secondary College, a co-educational 7-12 school in Melton, Victoria, Australia
  • Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (Czech and Slovak: Komunistická strana Československa, KSČ), a Communist and Marxist–Leninist political party in Czechoslovakia that existed between 1921 and 1992