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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ksar \Ksar\ (z[aum]r), n. See Czar.


n. a granary, or village containing a granary, in the Mahgreb


Ksar, plural ksour ( Maghrebi Arabic: قصر qser, plural qsur) is the North African Meghrebi Arabic term for "castle", possibly loaned from Latin castrum.

Ksar (horse)

Ksar (1918–1937) was a French Thoroughbred racehorse who had back-to-back wins in France's most prestigious horse race, the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe.

Ksar (Unix sar grapher)

Ksar is a BSD licensed Java based application to create graph of all parameters from the data collected by Unix sar utilities. Usually Unix sar is part of Unix' sysstat package and run sa1, sa2, sadc through cron to created data files in /var/log/sa/saNN.

  • Image can be zoomed by dragging mouse on image to pin point problems
  • Results can be exported to PDF or JPEG format

Usage examples of "ksar".

In other words, under the cover of his loungelizard image sponging on the son of the pasha of Ksar es Souk, he was up to something-something that very likely could be put to use by "our team" when the time came.

Thami el Glaoui wondered if Allah the All-Wise had chosen to strike the pasha of Ksar es Souk down because the pasha had grown too sure of himself.

And then, so far as el Glaoui knew, el Ferruch had not left Ksar es Souk until the day he buried his father.

The Berber had come by motorcycle from the palace at Ksar es Souk carrying a message.

He is presently enroute, and if you cannot find the time for him, I will meet him on the road and so inform him, and he will return to Ksar es Souk to await your pleasure.

The pasha of : Ksar es Souk himself rode in the backseat of a 1939 Buick Limited open touring car.

Or you can give me your word You will not try to contact the Americans, and return to Ksar es Souk with me.

Once in the palace at Ksar es Souk, he had no choice but to dress in Moroccan clothing, and from the third day, not by intention, he had grown a beard.

Still, I think we have to go with what we've got, and what we've got is that Fulinar's at Ksar es Souk.

The pasha of Ksar es Souk, on the other hand, when he was playing with Thami, always tried a shot across the trees.

Since the pasha of Ksar es Souk also made it on, they walked to the green together.

This skill had made him useful now and again to both the current and the former pashas of Ksar es Souk.

French officers whom the Americans wished to protect from French forces loyal to Vichy, and from the Germans themselves, and take them to the palace of the Pasha of Ksar es Souk, where they would be turned over to an American officer.

But he had gone to Morocco, of all places, as the guest of his classmate, Sidi Hassan el Ferruch, Pasha of Ksar es Souk.

His American passport and a diplomatic passport issued to him by the Pasha of Ksar es Souk saved him from arrest and prosecution.