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Kruševica (Prokuplje)

Kruševica is a village in the municipality of Prokuplje, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 47 people.

Kruševica (Lukavac)

'''Kruševica (Lukavac) ''' is a village in the municipality of Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Kruševica (mountain)

Kruševica ( Serbian Cyrillic: Крушевица) is a mountain in southern Serbia, near the town of Vlasotince. Its highest peak Vita kruška has an elevation of 913 meters above sea level.


Kruševica can refer to the following toponyms:

Kruševica (Lazarevac)

Kruševica is a village situated in Lazarevac municipality in Serbia.

Kruševica (river)

Kruševica is the strongest right tributary of Vrbanja river in central Bosnia. It rises from two streams (Vilenski and Grebenski potok = Fairy’s and Reefs stream) whose source on the northeast slopes of the Očauš Mountain (at around 950 above sea level). The source is exposed to the Borja Mountain. On geographic maps as Kruševica is often marked an other river ( Bobovica), whose estuary is around 20 miles upstream.

The significant right tributaries are Diklanski and Veliki Breski stream, Mali Mrđin stream, Sirovac, Uzlomac, Slatki potok (Sweet stream) and Rasova, and left: Stevanovina, Veliki Jankovac, Đukin do, Lauška rivers and Vaganjski stream. On them (up to 1960s) was even about 40 mills.

In the southern mountain range Rogljuša – Trnjić’s fields - Plane is the watershed of Krusevice and Maljevska River (also Vrbanja’s tributaries), and in the north-chain: Omac – Jezero (Lake) – Gajevi (Groves) its watershed with Usora river (basin of Bosnia).

Kruševica flows through Maslovare, and into the Vrbanja river which flows in the Obodnik, where the local road for Šiprage exits from the main road M-4 ( Banja Luka – Doboj ).

Kruševica (Prilep)

Krushevica is a village in Municipality of Prilep, Republic of Macedonia.

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