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Krusenstern (crater)

Krusenstern is a lunar crater that lies amidst the battered terrain in the southern part of the Moon's near side. Nearly attached to the east-southeast rim is the crater Apianus. Less than one crater diameter to the southwest is the prominent Werner. Krusenstern is intruding into a large circular plain to the north designated Playfair G. Playfair itself lies to the northeast.

Krusenstern is 47 kilometers in diameter, and its walls reach a height of 1,600 meters. Its outer rim has been heavily worn by impact erosion, leaving an irregular ring of rising ridges and an inner wall incised by impacts. A joined pair of craters, including Krusenstern A, lie along the eastern rim. The interior floor of Krusenstern is a nearly featureless plain, marked only by a few tiny craterlets. The crater is from the Pre- Nectarian period, 4.55 to 3.92 billion years ago.

It is named after Adam Johann Krusenstern, an early 19th-century Baltic German explorer in Russian service.


Krusenstern or Kruzenshtern may refer to:

A person

  • Adam Johann von Krusenstern (1770–1846), a navigator who circumnavigated the world in Russian service

Places named after von Krusenstern

  • Cape Krusenstern in Alaska.
  • Krusenstern (crater) on the moon
  • Cape Krusenstern National Monument in Alaska.
  • Krusenstern Islands near the Middendorff Bay, in the Arctic Kara Sea
  • Krusenstern Strait
  • The island Little Diomede (Ignaluk; formerly Krusenstern Island), in Alaska
  • Ailuk-Atoll (formerly Krusenstern Island) of Marshall Islands, (10° N 170° E)
  • Tikehau-Atoll (formerly Krusenstern Island), of Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia (18° S 141° W)
  • One of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, south of Lisiansky Island (21° N 176° W)

Other uses

  • Kruzenshtern (ship) (until 1946 German Padua), Russian tall ship training vessel
  • Krusenstern field, a Natural Gas field in Russia