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The surname Kruse may refer to:

  • Anine Kruse (born 1977), Norwegian music conductor
  • August von Kruse (1779–1848), German general during the Napoleonic Wars
  • Frederik Vinding Kruse (1880–1963), Danish jurist
  • Käthe Kruse (1883-1968), German dollmaker
  • Max Kruse (author) (1921-2015), German author
  • Robbie Kruse (born 1988), Australian footballer
  • Tom Kruse (inventor), inventor of the Hoveround, a type of electric wheelchair
  • Tom Kruse (mailman) (1914–2011), Australian mailman, featured in documentary The Back of Beyond
  • Bill Kruse (Australian rules footballer), Australian footballer
  • William F. Kruse (1894–1952), American socialist journalist and functionary

The toponym Kruse may refer to:

  • Kruse, Podgorica, Montenegro