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These were some of the toughest guys in the mob, and they were giving Kroun plenty of space.

It put about seven feet between me and Kroun, hardly suitable distance for a private conversation.

Then again, Gordy might have held back so my attention would be on Kroun, not his lieutenant and bad memories about my own murder.

Certainly I would let her know what had happened with Kroun, the question was just how detailed to get and if I should mention Hoyle and Ruzzo.

Given a choice I would rather go with Strome to face Kroun down again than pretend to be jovial to the customers.

To guys like Kroun the law was only a minor nuisance, not a major threat.

I started paying attention again, I noticed Kroun studying me, his own face unreadable.

Strome might pick up things of interest from Kroun and Mitchell he could pass on.

But Kroun had that personal electricity going, maybe it was enough to effect Gordy.

I must have gone too far in giving Kroun the idea we were friends, should have told him to go back to New York instead.

I waited a minute, watching Kroun use his charm effectively on the waitress, then dialed again.

If Mitchell shows, tell him his boss Kroun wants him back at the Nightcrawler, toot-sweet.

From where he stood Kroun took another look at the room, a long one, then shut the door.

I would not let myself give in into another damned fit with Kroun looking on.

Derner was surprised and glanced uneasily at Kroun for his reaction, only there was none.