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KRL (programming language)

KRL is a knowledge representation language, developed by Daniel G. Bobrow and Terry Winograd while at Xerox PARC and Stanford University, respectively. It is a frame-based language.

KRL was an attempt to produce a language which was nice to read and write for the engineers who had to write programs in it, processed like human memory, so you could have realistic AI programs, had an underlying semantics which was firmly grounded like logic languages, all in one, all in one language. And I think it - again, in hindsight - it just bogged down under the weight of trying to satisfy all those things at once.


KRL may refer to:

  • IATA code for Korla Airport, China
  • Kahuta Research Laboratories (KRL) - one of the Ministry of Science and Technology laboratories.
  • KRL (programming language)
  • Kinetic Rule Language - a rules-based event programming language
  • Kuka Robot Language - a programming language used for KUKA robots
  • KRL Jabotabek - commuter rail service in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.
  • Kochi Refineries Limited, an oil refinery in India
  • Karelian language's ISO 639-3 & ISO 639-2 code