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KRI, kri, or Kri may refer to:

  • Kri language, a Vietic language
  • Krio language (ISO 639-3 ISO language code kri), spoken in Sierra Leone
  • Kebun Raya Indonesia, acronym for Indonesian name of the Bogor Botanical Gardens in Indonesia
  • Key Risk Indicator, a measure used in management
  • Koichi's Ruby Interpreter, also known as YARV, an interpreter for the Ruby programming language
  • Russian Game Developer's Conference (Russian acronym)
  • Russian Section of the Committee for a Workers' International, a political party in Russia (Russian acronym)
  • Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia, prefix for commissioned ships in the Indonesian Navy
  • Kurdistan Region of Iraq, or Iraqi Kurdistan

Usage examples of "kri".

So he had done, solitary, until a night he had sheltered with Morgaine kri Chya, and traded her his freedom for a place out of the wind.

And that Morgaine kri Chya set affection on anything vulnerable to loss—he knew what that asked of her.