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KREZ may refer to:

  • KREZ (FM), a radio station (104.7 FM) licensed to Chaffee, Missouri, United States
  • KREZ-TV, a television station (channel 6 analog/15 digital) licensed to Durango, Colorado, United States
Krez (instrument)

The krez (or krez', krezh) is a musical instrument of the Udmurt people of the Russian Urals. It is a type of zither similar to the Russian gusli. The mythical origin of the krez is detailed in the Udmurt national epic, the Dokjavyl. The krez was used to accompany some shamanic ritual dances, and the large krez (bajym krezh) was used for music during the holiday of Bulda.


KREZ is a radio station airing an Adult Contemporary format licensed to Chaffee, Missouri, broadcasting on 104.7 MHz FM. The station serves the areas of Cape Girardeau, Missouri and Sikeston, Missouri, and is owned by Dana R. Withers.