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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kreel \Kreel\, n. See Creel.


n. (alternative form of creel English)

Usage examples of "kreel".

They rode as quickly as they could, always waiting for Jadori men and kreels to hunt them.

Lukien stood firm as the kreels sniffed the air with their tongues and narrowed their dark eyes on him.

It was smaller than the other kreels Gilwyn had seen, and slightly off color.

Jadori guards did not dismount from their kreels, but rather kept their distance.

And he had been impressed with the Jadori and what they and their kreels could do.

Suddenly, the kreels were everywhere, and their riders with them, stabbing with their spears and working their whips, pressing their advantage.

There the riders waited, their monstrous kreels letting out a terrible war cry.

Up on the dunes, the kreels and cavalry were locked in combat, clashing claws and swords and screaming in bloodlust.

The odd calls of the near-dead kreels floated up through the air, faint and ghostly.

Akeela far from Gilwyn and Ghost and their waiting kreels, setting him down in the sand and propping his head up with his hand.

Even in the darkness the kreels could see perfectly, their strange eyes widening to catch every glimmer of light.

They had ridden through the night on their two kreels, Gilwyn on the smaller Emerald while Lukien shared a beast with Ghost.

They had buried Akeela in the dunes, digging a shallow grave for him with the help of the kreels and their sharp claws.

The throwing star clattered to the floor, Klingon and Kreel blood comingled, and Tron clapped a hand over his lacerated eye socket and staggered forward.

Kreel Sarloo informed Ford that he wanted the sensitives to be housed separately from the other defectives in the evacuated temple of the Earthmen's city and that the Jockaira wished to wait on them personally.