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Kra \Kra\, n. (Zo["o]l.) A long-tailed ape ( Macacus cynomolgus) of India and Sumatra. It is reddish olive, spotted with black, and has a black tail.


n. 1 The letter ''Κʻ'' or ''ĸ'', formerly used to write the Kalaallisut language of Greenland, replaced in 1973 by the letter ''q''. 2 A long-tailed ape of India and Sumatra, reddish-olive in colour with black spots and tail.


Kra or KRA can refer to: "Key Result Areas" in corporate sectors but it also refers to following:

  • Kra (band)
  • Kra (letter)
  • Kra Isthmus
  • Kra Peninsula
  • Kra River, Malay Peninsula
  • Kra languages
  • Kra (Mythology)
  • Kenya Revenue Authority
  • Krita default file format extension
  • The Kriegsrohstoffabteilung (War Raw Materials Department) created by Germany during World War I
Kra (letter)

Kra (Κʻ / ĸ) is a glyph formerly used to write the Kalaallisut language of Greenland and is now only found in Nunatsiavummiutut, a distinct Inuktitut dialect. It is visually similar to a Latin small capital letter K and the Greek letter kappa κ.

It is used to denote the sound written as in the International Phonetic Alphabet (the voiceless uvular plosive). For collation purposes, it is therefore considered to be a type of q, rather than a type of k, and should sort near q.

Its Unicode code point for the lowercase form is . If this is unavailable, q is substituted. The letter can be capitalized as Κʻ, but it is not encoded separately as a single letter because it is very similar to the Latin capital letter K followed by the six-shaped apostrophe, .

Note that in the Greenlandic alphabet PDF from Evertype cited below, the apostrophe-like symbol is represented by the symbol of U+2018, LEFT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK. The glyphs for U+02BB and U+2018 are identical in many fonts, and have only slight differences in size and relative positioning in other fonts. Visually, the two symbols are essentially interchangeable. When available, use of U+02BB for capital Kra is preferred, since that symbol is classified as a modifier letter rather than a delimiter.

In 1973, a spelling reform replaced the use of kra in Greenlandic with Latin small letter q (and the associated Latin capital letter with Q).

small caps K (if present), and Cyrillic small к, using the fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Doulos SIL, Cambria, Linux Libertine, Andron Mega Corpus, Adobe Minion Pro, Courier New, and Consolas. Second row: italics, using the same fonts.

Kra (mythology)

In Akan spirituality, the kra is the soul of a person. It is of divine origin; that is to say, one gets their "Kra" from God (Onyame).

An Akan conforms to the abusua/(Mogya (blood)) of his mother, and receives the Ntoro from his father. These maternal and paternal bonds follow the Akan wherever he/she travels. An Akan's Sunsum is their Spirit/personality which they develop through their interaction with the world.

Kra (band)

Kra is a Japanese visual kei rock band.

Usage examples of "kra".

That morning the British Admiralty had tipped off the American government that a large Japanese invasion fleet had been observed heading across the Gulf of Siam for the Isthmus of Kra, which indicated that the Nipponese were striking first at Thailand and perhaps Malaya.

I began to laugh, Larry joined me, and then Kra and Gulk joined in our merriment with deep batrachian cachinnations and gruntings.

I may find Aira, the city of marble and beryl, where flows the hyaline nithra and where the falls of the tiny Kra sing to the verdant valleys and hills forested with yath trees?

The coffs were set down carefully, because the path leading up to what the Manni called Kra Kammen was narrow and the contents were removed.

I began to laugh, Larry joined me, and then Kra and Gulk joined in our merriment with deep batrachian cachinnations and gruntings.