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KOY (1230 AM) in Phoenix is the oldest radio station in the state of Arizona. It is owned and operated by iHeartMedia. The station is currently branded as KFYI 2. Its studios are located in Phoenix near Sky Harbor International Airport and its transmitter is located southwest of downtown Phoenix near the intersection of Interstate 17 and Buckeye Road.

Usage examples of "koy".

Lingo, familiar with the Chinese tongue, and therefore friendly with Celestials such as Koy Dow, had fixed the meeting place for them.

Bland and serene in his American clothes, Koy Dow was closing his shop for the night.

The front of the building lay black when Koy Dow had completed his task.

The Shadow was shipped to Koy Dow inside a big box, with some truckmen that looked like gorillas bringing it.

It was plain that Koy Dow, although he had warned against premature gunfire, was not particularly perturbed by the possibility of a raid or a mob fight.

Pushing his way to the door, he looked into the room then stared inquiringly at Koy Dow.

As Lingo dashed down the passage, Koy Dow uttered guttural orders to let the fleeing big shot pass.

But the master fighter had known that he could not again show his black-cloaked figure within the mob surrounded shop of Koy Dow.

After the supposed trapping, Koy Dow had waited for The Shadow to return as Lingo Queed, knowing that there would be trouble when the trap was found empty.

Then Koy Dow and his Chinese henchmen had taken up the battle, that The Shadow might depart.

The city of Koy, considered to have been the most cultured city in the Abarat, was built on the lower steppes of the island, which lies to the northeast.

Both Koy Shan and Chun Shi hoped that their reward would be promotion to the inner group - those members of the secret band of followers who were allowed to speak with Kwa himself.

A gleam of understanding glistened on the scarred countenance of Koy Shan, the Mighty.

As Koy Shan laid his huge hand upon the knob of the door, the figure of The Shadow moved slowly forward.

Almond eyes widened as the guard saw a moving smirch of blackness that blotted out all sight of Koy Shan.