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Kow or KOW may refer to:

  • Kow Nkensen Arkaah (1927–2001), Ghanaian politician
  • Kow Otani (born 1957), Japanese composer
  • Shih-Li Kow (born 1968), Malaysian writer
  • Ganzhou Huangjin Airport, IATA code KOW
  • Ganzhou Huangjin Airport (former), IATA code KOW until replaced by new airport in 2008
  • Kow Swamp, Victoria, Australia
    • Kow Swamp Archaeological Site
  • The Hedley Kow, English fairy tale

Usage examples of "kow".

Always they were accompanied by a full team of security goons, led by the indomitable Kow Huk, a Korean killer with eyes like black stones.

A trooper took the opportunity to nail him with a gun butt to the side of the head, and Kow Huk went down with a crash.

He had expected either to find Loon Kow in his doorway, or to see the shop entirely dark.

He unlocked it with the pass-key, a useful implement which Loon Kow had given him for visits such as this.

Since Loon Kow seemed absent, Tam chose the big swivel-chair on the far side of the desk.

He was fixing a scene to indicate that Loon Kow had fought with the Mongol murderer and had finished the man who had stabbed him.

Trathley Kow what haunts the village of Trathley, in middle Eldaraigne?

I was flat out hoping for a dozen boggarts, and fifty pookas, and a whole herd of Hedley Kows, and all those other creatures Evan had told us about on the drive down.

I sat up fast, groping around for my bedside lamp, thinking boggarts and pookas and Hedley Kows.

I can’t remember all of them, but he talked about bullbeggars and Jack-in-Irons, and the Wild Hunt, which was scary, and about the Black Dog, and a weird thing called the Hedley Kow.

Sometimes Gornt's yacht would steam out from the Yacht Club, Hong Kong side, with just her and Quillan and his men friends aboard and go over to Kow- loon, to the sea-washed steps beside the Golden Ferry where the girls would be waiting, dressed in sun clothes or boating clothes.