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Koven may refer to:

  • Anna de Koven (1862–1953), American novelist, historian and socialite
  • Ernest de Koven Leffingwell (1875–1971), arctic explorer, geologist and Spanish–American War veteran
  • Henry William John Koven, connected with SS Sauternes, a steamship built in 1922
  • James De Koven, also known as James DeKoven, (1831–1879), priest, an educator and leader of the Oxford Movement in the Episcopal Church
  • James Koven (born 1973), American rower
  • Jean de Koven (1915–1937), dancer from Boston, Massachusetts who was murdered in Paris, France in 1937
  • Reginald De Koven (1859–1920), American music critic and prolific composer, particularly of comic operas
  • Steve Koven, Canadian Jazz pianist and member of the Steve Koven Trio