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Kou may refer to

  • Kou, Burkina Faso, a village in Burkina Faso
  • Kou, Laiwu , town in Laicheng District, Laiwu, Shandong, China
  • Kou (surname) , Chinese surname
  • Kou Uraki, a character in the fictional Gundam universe
  • Kou ( Cordia subcordata), a tree species
Kou (surname)

Kou is a Chinese family name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Kou Lei (born 1987), Ukrainian table tennis player of Chinese origin
  • Kou Nai-han (born 1982), Taiwanese volleyball player
  • Kou Qianzhi (365–448), Taoist reformer
  • Kou Tie (born 1950), Chinese major general
  • Kou Yingjie (1880?-?), Chinese military leader
  • Kou Zhun (961–1023), chancellor during Emperor Zhenzong's reign
  • Kou Zhichao (born 1989), Chinese volleyball player

Usage examples of "kou".

After Kou follows him through the funeral protocol, he should be able to tackle anything.

Drou and Kou stood facing each other on the far side of the terrace-nook.

Vor lord wandered blindly past them, stumbled across the terrace nook, freezing Kou and Drou in mid-step, and hung over the stone balustrade to be very traditionally sick into the defenseless bushes below.

My man who was assigned to Kou followed them down into that warren by himself.

Obediently, he seated himself at the table, Kou at his elbow, and waited for her.

Kou had talked of his sister and widowed mother, but it was not till that moment that Cordelia realized Kou had edited his father from his reminiscences out of social embarrassment, not any lack of love between them.

Alys Vorpatril probably had even less grasp of the biology, Drou less still, and Kou was downright useless.

Cordelia led her back in to the hall, forcefully arranged Kou at one end of the sofa, sat Drou down on the other, and plopped down between them.

Cordelia remembered what had happened the last time Kou had carried that stick down to the caravanserai, and stared nervously into the shadows.

It eased Cordelias heart, when Drou and Kou were wed a month after Winterfair.

For some reason, Kou and Drou both turned the offer down, hastily, though with profuse thanks.

By a week in advance Kou and Drou were considering eloping out of sheer panic, having lost all control of everything whatsoever to their eager helpers.

She swept in, as stunningly graceful as a sailing ship, a tall clean perfection of form and function, ivory silk, gold hair, blue eyes, white, blue, and red flowers, so that when she stepped up beside Kou one suddenly realized how tall he must be.

Cordelia drifted up to Kou and murmured a few words about Betan research on the detrimental effects of ethanol on sexual function, after which he switched to water.

Not just Aral and Cordelia, but all the other supporting couples took up and played their symphonic variations on the theme, exploring its complexities: Kou and Drou, Padma and Alys, Piotr and his dead wife, Vordarian and Serg and Kareen, and most strangely and finally, Bothari and the uterine replicator.