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Kot or KOT, may refer to:

  • Eric Kot (born 1966), a Chinese actor
  • Keepers of Tradition, an expansion of the trading card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle
  • Kot, a Polish surname
  • Lagwan language, a Chadic language spoken in northern Cameroon and southwestern Chad
  • The King of Town, a character in the Flash web cartoon series Homestar Runner; see List of Homestar Runner characters
Kot (valley)

Kot is an alpine valley in the Julian Alps in the Upper Carniola region, northwestern Slovenia. It is included in Triglav National Park in its entirety.

Kot is one of three glacial alpine valleys near Mojstrana, the others being Vrata and Krma. It is the starting point for many routes through the Triglav National Park area and one of the easier and faster routes up Mount Triglav. It leads into the Radovna Valley.

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Kot (union council)

Kot is an administrative unit, known as Union council, of Malakand District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

District Malakand has 2 Tehsils i.e. Swat Ranizai and Sam Ranizai. Each Tehsil comprises certain numbers of Union councils. There are 28 union councils in district Malakand.

Usage examples of "kot".

Koten brought the bright bladepoint against Nicholas's black cotton &.