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KOSTT j.s.c is the Kosovar Electricity Transmission, System and Market Operator, an entity which plays an important role in the energy sector in Kosovo. Appointed by the Ministry of Energy and Mining and licensed by the Energy Regulatory Office pursuant to the provisions of the primary and secondary Kosovo legislation, KOSTT j.s.c became a licensed entity for the Transmission System Operation and for the Market Operation, in October 2006.

The establishment of KOSTT j.s.c was a consequence of the restructuring of the energy sector in Kosovo. The transmission and dispatch functions officially have been divided from the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) (a vertically integrated company) on 1 July 2006, following the decision of the Government of Kosovo taken in July 2005 for restructuring of KEK and the obligations deriving from the Energy Community Treaty for South East Europe where Kosovo is an equal member.

As a Transmission System Operator, it manages and operates the electricity transmission system of Kosovo and is responsible for the bulk transmission of electric power on the main high voltage electric networks.

As a Market Operator it is responsible for the organization and administration of trades in electricity and the management of the settlement process.

KOSTT j.s.c, the Independent Transmission System and Market Operator of Kosovo, is responsible for:

1.Planning, developing, maintaining and operating the Kosovo Electricity Transmission System 2.Providing non – discriminatory open access 3.Operating the new Electricity Market 4.Providing Conditions that promote competition within Kosovo 5.Working with neighboring TSOs for the benefit of Kosovo and the region KOSTT has a strategic position and it represents an important knot in the regional energy market. KOSTT is interconnected with four (4) other systems, namely, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.

The KOSTT j.s.c Transmission System consists of 1186 km overhead lines (181 km – 400 kV; 361 km – 220 kV; and 643 km – 110 kV) and 2400 MVA of transformation capacities.

The energy sector is considered as one of the most important sectors in Kosovo. 96.8% of electricity in Kosovo is generated by Thermo Power Plants and 3.2% is generated by Hydro Power Plants.