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{{Infobox religious biography

type = buddhism

name = Nichiren

image= Nichiren Daishonin Hakii Portrait.jpg

caption = A painting of Nichiren, kept at Kuon-ji Temple, Mt. Minobu.

birth_date =February 16, 1222

death_date = October 13, 1282 (age 60)

nationality = Japanese

religion = Buddhism

school = Mahayana, Nichiren

lineage =

title = Founder of Nichiren Buddhism

location = Japan

} |}

Kōsen-rufu is a phrase found in the Japanese translation of the Lotus Sutra. Kōsen means to "widely declare." "Widely" implies speaking out to the world, to an ever-greater number and ever-broader spectrum of people. "Declare" means to proclaim one's ideals, principles and philosophy. The ru (flow) of rufu means "a current like that of a great river," and fu (cloth) means "to spread out like a bolt of cloth."

Figuratively, it means to declare and spread widely [the teachings of the Buddha]. According to Soka Gakkai, a modern Buddhist movement based on the teachings of Nichiren (1222–1282), Nichiren stressed kōsen-rufu in Buddhist practice because he felt that personal enlightenment was interrelated to the peace and well-being of the entire society.