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n. (plural of koruna English)


Korun is masculine name or surname. According to some sources it has its origin in Turkish language. According to some other sources this masculine name is based on feminine name Korona. Alternative variant forms of names and surnames based on this name include Koruna, Korunović, Korać (in cases when it is not based on the farrier's hammer) and Korić.

Usage examples of "korun".

Korun guerrillas had been fighting Balawai militia units in these jungles for almost thirty years.

The destruction of the jungle made Korun survival possible: keeping down the drillmites, and the buzzworms and the gripleaf and vine cats and the million other ways the jungle had to kill a being.

The blue-eyed Korun- Smiley, the one who had led him here-and the other man who had lain beneath the tarp held rapid-fire slugthrowers that they slipped over the roof rim to fill the alley below with a lethal swarm of bullets.