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n. A long-haired nocturnal and often malevolent Breton fairy princess.


In Breton folklore, a Korrigan is a fairy or dwarf-like spirit. The word korrigan means "small-dwarf" (korr means dwarf, ig is a diminutive and the suffixan is a hypocoristic), it is closely related to the Cornish word korrik which means gnome. Their name changes according to the place. Among the other names, there are kornandon, ozigan, nozigan, torrigan, viltañs, poulpikan, paotred ar sabad...

Korrigan (disambiguation)

Korrigan may refer to:

  • Korrigan, a fairy or dwarf-like spirit in Breton folkloric heritage
  • Malo Korrigan, full English title Malo Korrigan and the Space Tracers, French title Malo Korrigan et les Traceurs de L'Espace, French animated television series

Usage examples of "korrigan".

Corentin and so forth, but the thaumaturgic tests were sloppily done and nobody spotted a korrigan trapped in the metal.

Like other ancient goddesses who survived in the form of fairies, Korrigan was said to be dangerous.

Khadgar thought of old Korrigan, who could find anything in the library, even the smallest marginal notation.

Les nains noirs, poulpiquets et korrigans, qui, le soir, des que la corne du berger a rappele le troupeau aux etables, dansent au clair de lune et forcent le voyageur a entrer dans leur ronde, habitent ce palais farouche.

It was here, he remembered, that he used to come with little Christine to see the Korrigans dance at the rising of the moon.