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Korolev (lunar crater)

Korolev is a large lunar crater of the walled plain or basin type, named for Soviet rocket engineer Sergey Korolyov. It lies on the far side of the Moon, and the northern part of its floor crosses the lunar equator. Notable nearby craters include Galois just to the southeast, Das to the south-southeast, Doppler attached to the southern rim, and Kibal'chich to the northeast. Rays of the crater Crookes (to the southwest) cover parts of the basin.

The outer rim of Korolev is heavily worn and eroded, with a multitude of small craters lying across the wide rim and the low inner wall. The interior floor is relatively flat compared to the surrounding terrain, but is pock-marked with many craters of varying sizes. The most notable of these interior craters are Korolev M in the southern part of the floor, and Korolev D next to the northeast rim.

Within the interior of Korolev is the remains of a second, inner ring. This is roughly half the diameter of the outer wall, and is the most intact in the eastern half. Here it forms a curving arc of ridges across the floor. At the midpoint of the formation, there is nothing resembling a central peak. However the craters Korolev B, Korolev T, and Korolev L lie within the diameter of the inner ring.

Until formal naming in 1970 by the IAU, the crater was known as Basin XV.

Korolev lies to the south of the similar-sized Dirichlet-Jackson Basin.

basin topo.jpg|Topographic map basin GRAIL gravity.jpg|Gravity map based on GRAIL

Korolev (crater)

Korolev (crater) may refer to:

  • Korolev (lunar crater)
  • Korolev (Martian crater)
Korolev (Martian crater)

Korolev Crater is a crater in the Mare Boreum quadrangle of Mars, located at 73° north latitude and 195.5° west longitude. It is 84.2 km in diameter and was named after Sergey Pavlovich Korolev (1906-1966), the head Soviet rocket engineer and designer during the Space Race in the 1950s and 1960s.

Image:Korolev Crater.jpg|Korolev Crater Floor, as seen by HiRISE