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Koreana (TV series)

Koreana (English: Jenna; ) is a Filipino drama television series produced by GMA Network. It stars Kris Bernal, Saab Magalona, Steven Silva and Rocco Nacino. This series is directed by Gil Tejada, Jr. and premiered October 11, 2010 on GMA Haponalo block (three weeks later since Basahang Ginto ended on September 24) and also broadcast internationally through GMA Pinoy TV and premiered three days later, October 14, 2010, from the original airdate. The show concluded on February 25, 2011, comprising a total of one hundred episodes. From May 29, 2013 until September 27, 2013 via GMA Life TV airs its English-dubbed version worldwide.


Koreana may refer to:

  • Koreana (band), a South Korean band
  • Koreana (TV series), a Filipino drama series produced by GMA Network
  • Koreana Hotel (Seoul), a skyscraper and hotel in Seoul
Koreana (band)

Koreana, formerly known as "Arirang Singers", are a South Korean band. They were founded in 1962 and are best known for playing " Hand In Hand", the official song of the Seoul 1988 Summer Olympics, sung in both Korean and English. The song was released as a single with "Victory" as its B-side, and became a hit. The band followed up with another charting single, " Living For Love", with B-side "One In A Million".