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KOOT (88.1 FM) is a non-commercial educational radio station licensed to serve Hurley, New Mexico, USA. The station, which began broadcasting in 2009, is owned by Community Access Television of Silver. It broadcasts a community radio format.

Usage examples of "koot".

While Kynan finished tightening connections, Koot attached the ducted fans which would provide propulsion and steering capability.

Her argument with Koot on the subject of air versus water transport had been short, violent, and conclusive.

Kynan Rhys Gower and Koot van Beek dined on grilled antelope which Koot brought down.

She and Kynan had left the river, Kynan to hunt his dinner and Margo to stretch her legs and sightsee a little, leaving Koot to guard the camp.

From across the PVC gondola, Koot stared at her, then gave the silent ducted fans a single disgusted glare.

Once the job was done, Kynan and Koot set to work cutting poles and rough paddles from tree branches.

On the other side of the gondola, Kynan hung grimly to a long pole while Koot van Beek clung to his own paddle, trying to steer a course through the flood.

She and Kynan drank water sparingly, giving Koot a little when he roused, but there was still no food.

They had come back only to inform her that Koot van Beek had died and that she would die next.

Margo had succeeded in doing was getting Koot van Beek killed and the Welshman even more lost in time than ever.

Margo and Koot were trapped north of it, on the wrong side of the bay to reach the gate.

It was up to Kynan to find her again and help her bring Koot van Beek back with them through the gate.

Malcolm steeled himself with the thought that these men had permitted Koot van Beek to die and planned to kill Margo and Kynan using the hideous methods reserved for witches.

In the small hours of a hot summer night, while the darling old Professor lay rhythmically snoring two floors down, she had become aware of a Presence: the Master Koot Hoomi was with her.

In a very short time Koot Hoomi was bestowing greater favors upon the novice than upon her teacher.