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The Kooma are an Indigenous Australian tribe living in the border region of Queensland and New South Wales.

The Kooma people's are one of the biggest clans of the South West Queensland district. The Kooma people have walked the land of Queensland and New South Whales for centuries and is one of the most popular clans in Queensland. Murra Murra Station is the sacred land of the Kooma people, it is where they have worked and created their home. The traditional totem of the Kooma Clan is the Mulga King brown snake. The Kooma people's were also one of the first clans in Queensland that used their surroundings as medicine which also in fact made them one of the most immune tribes that have survived snake poisoning, spider bites, open wounds etc. Kooma people hold Native Title rights and interests over what they have always known to always be their traditional land and waters. The Kooma people are those who are descended from one or more of the following people, Maggie of Bendena, Kitty of Bollon, Sarah of Fernlee, Mary Button of Murra Murra, Susan Mitchell, Annie Murray, Julia Powell, Lucy Sheridan. This clan share their land, water and blood with, Kunja, Budjiti, Mardigan and Kullilli peoples making their relations with these tribes known.

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