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, also romanized as Kō-ō, was a Japanese era name (年号, nengō, lit. year name) of the Northern Court during the Era of Northern and Southern Courts after Kakei and before Meitoku. This period spanned the years from February 1389 to March 1390. The emperor in Kyoto was The Southern Court rival in Yoshino during this time-frame was .


Kõo is a village in Viljandi County, Estonia. It is the administrative centre of Kõo Parish. Kõo has a population of 326 (as of 2000).

Usage examples of "koo".

And when he had passed out of the province of Tetuan into the bashalic of El Kasar, the bareheaded country-people of the valley of the Koos hastened before him to the Kaid of that grey town of bricks and storks and palm-trees and evil odours, and the Kaid, with another notion of his errand, came to the tumble-down bridge to meet him on his approach in the early morning.

He heard no sound, but he felt a slight draught as Foon Koo noiselessly opened a secret trap in the wall.

The prize which he had come to steal was set in the very midst of the treasures which he had already pilfered and which he thought were safely held in the custody of Foon Koo!

He followed Foon Koo into another room, larger than the one they were leaving.

You chaps never had a look at the cellar since Foon Koo finished rigging it.

Shortly after Foon Koo had ducked from sight beyond the parapet of the roof, two men came strolling along Madison Avenue.

Delayed by the fastenings that Foon Koo had replaced, the master of vengeance had arrived just in time to check the escape of the robbers.

Tyrell lingered to watch Foon Koo manipulate a switch that made safe descent a possibility.

FIVE minutes later, the Shadow had reached the side of the old house where Foon Koo guarded the swag.

Keen eyes here watching through the door, where Foon Koo was surveying the cloak-covered body through the window of the strongroom.

They had reached the padded cell room, to find Foon Koo staring gleefully through the bullet-proof window.

Instinctively, he floundered to the floor as a gleaming knife came whizzing from the quick hand of Foon Koo.

With a mighty dive, Foon Koo came hurtling out of space, straight for the rolling form upon the floor.

Two minutes later, the extra sedan shot away from the curb in the street behind the house of Foon Koo.

Omdat niemand hem ten aanzien daarvan bevelen gaf, koos hij voor het water met het minst erge parfum en deed zijn best zichzelf schoon te houden.