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n. (context South Africa English) A minivan.


Kombi or Combi may refer to:

Kombi (band)

Kombi is a musical band from Poland, founded in 1969 in Gdańsk by Sławomir Łosowski. In the beginning, the group played mostly experimental, jazz music. In second half of 70s they turned into funk rock music, later their style turned towards synthpop. They used such musical equipment as Commodore 64 as a MIDI sequencer, Prophet 5, Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer, Simmons SDS-V electronic drum kit and Roland TR-808 drum machine. The band was known for its characteristic sound, based on state-of-the-art electronic instruments programmed (and often modified) by Łosowski, distinctive vocals and guitar playing by Skawiński and Tkaczyk's bass slapping style. Their most popular songs include "Słodkiego miłego życia", "Nasze randez-vous", "Black and White", "Kochać cię - za późno", "Za ciosem cios", "Nie ma zysku", "Przytul mnie", "Królowie życia" and "Nietykalni - skamieniałe zło".

Usage examples of "kombi".

As she drove along the winding track through the scraggly blue-gum plantation that marked the boundary of Michael's estate, she saw his Volkswagen Kombi parked in front of the house.

She noted that the Kombi, acquired secondhand, seemed not to be in much better shape.

Mit diesem Gedanken ging er zu seinem eigenen Wagen, sein praktischer kleiner Kombi, die Zivilversion des geliebten Militärjeeps.