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Komba may refer to:

  • Komba Claudius Gbamanja, Sierra Leonean politician from the opposition Sierra Leone People's Party
  • Samuel Komba Kambo, retired captain in the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces
  • Komba Eric Koedoyoma, Sierra Leonean politician with the Sierra Leone People's Party
  • Komba Mondeh (born in Freetown, Sierra Leone] was a top-ranking officer in the Sierra Leonean army
  • Komba Yomba (born 1976), Sierra Leonean international goalkeeper
  • Komba (genus), an extinct genus of galagos
  • "Komba," the small galago featured in the British family film The Bushbaby (1969)
Komba (primate)

Komba is an extinct genus of galagos, containing species known from the early to middle Miocene of Kenya and Uganda. A new species, K. walkeri, was described from the early Miocene of Kenya by Terry Harrison in 2010.