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KOM is a type of BBS, with a text-based (as opposed to a menu based) input system. The first was QZ KOM, but soon others imitated the user interface.

The QZKOM system was first opened in 1978, which probably makes it the first Swedish-developed forum service in Sweden. It was forbidden by the Swedish government late the same year, reopened with permission in 1979.

Before opening of QZKOM, QZ ran the American system Forum-Planet which provided similar services but only for very small user groups.

One of the larger KOM systems outside QZ was Permobas that was sponsored by Permobil. The first version ran on two (later seven) ABC80 with 300 bps modems connected to a 5 or 10 MB hard disk. One of the Permobas uses was Henrik Schyffert. Shyffert later stated his own BBS named "Ring så spelar vi". When Permobas was shut down in December 1985 the users was moved over to the newly started Computext. Computext ran until the late 1980s when it was bought by Esselte and renamed Esselte Voice.

Some KOMpatible systems are:

  • LysKOM
  • MikroKOM
  • SklaffKOM
  • NiKom
  • H-KOM
  • TPCS
  • TCL, for MS-DOS
  • EasyKOM
  • Alpha-KOM
  • Nice Touch
  • OpenKOM1
  • Pamho (

For a list of active KOM systems today, see the article on LysKOM.


Kom or KOM may refer to:

  • Kickoff meeting, the first meeting with the project team and the client of the project
  • KOM (BBS), a type of text-based BBS system
  • FK Kom, a Montenegrin football club
  • Kom (mountain), a mountain between the towns Lešak and Leposavić, in North Kosovo
  • Kom Monastery, Serbian Orthodox monastery in Montenegro
  • Kom Peak, a peak in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria
  • King of the Mountains, award in cycling stage races
  • Knowledge Oasis Muscat, a technology park located 30 kilometres from Muscat, Oman
  • KoM - Knight of Malta in the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  • " Kom (song)", a song by the Swedish europop group Timoteij
  • Mary Kom, an Indian boxer
Kom (album)

Kom is an album released in 1999 by the Swedish singer Lars Winnerbäck,

"Kom ihåg mig då" and "Söndag 13.3.99" were released as singles. Winnerbäck later won a Swedish Grammy for "Best songwriter" for the album.

Kom (song)

"Kom" ( English: Come) is a song by the Swedish Europop group Timoteij. It was recorded in 2009 and written by Niclas Arn, Karl Eurén and Gustav Eurén and is the leading single of the group's debut album Längtan.

Timoteij participated in the Swedish Melodifestivalen 2010 with Kom and finished first in the third semi-final in Gothenburg, and therefore progressed to the final in the Globe Arena in Stockholm. The song finished at 5th place with a total of 95 points. It was eventually chosen to represent Sweden at the OGAE Second Chance Contest and finished at 1st place.