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Kölsch may refer to:

  • Kölsch (beer), a beer speciality from Cologne, Germany
  • Kölsch (artist), techno artist
  • Colognian (Kölsch) language, a Ripuarian dialect spoken in and around Cologne
  • Historic Colognian, a predecessor of today's Kölsch language.
  • Kölsche Kaviar (in English: Caviar of Cologne, unrelated to the "real" Caviar), a traditional food speciality of the Cologne gastronomy, consisting of blood sausage (UK: "black pudding") and onions.
  • SK Kölsch, German television series
  • Tierisch Kölsch, German television series

Kølsch may refer to:

  • Rune Reilly Kølsch, better known as Rune RK / ENUR, Danish producer and songwriter. Also part of Artificial Funk production duo

Koelsch may refer to:

  • USS Koelsch, the names of a vessel of the Garcia class of the US Navy, (DE/FF-1049)

Koelsch is the name of:

  • John Kelvin Koelsch (1923–1951), United States Navy officer
Kölsch (beer)

is a beer brewed in Cologne, Germany. It is a clear, all-barley pale ale with a bright, straw-yellow hue similar to a standard German pale lager.

is warm fermented at around 13 to 21 °C (55 to 70 °F), then conditioned by lagering at cold temperatures. This style of fermentation links with some other central northern European beers such as the s of western Germany and the Netherlands.

is defined by an agreement between members of the Cologne Brewery Association known as the . It has a gravity between 11 and 16 degrees.

Kölsch (artist)

Rune Reilly Kölsch, known as Kölsch, is a Danish techno artist signed to Kompakt Records.