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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kolinsky \Ko*lin"sky\, n. [Russ. kolinski of Kola, a district in northeasten Russia where the finest minks abound.] Among furriers, any of several Asiatic minks; esp., Putorius sibiricus, the yellowish brown pelt of which is valued, esp. for the tail, used for making artists' brushes. Trade names for the fur are red sable and Tatar sable.


n. 1 The Siberian weasel, '''' 2 The fur of the Siberian weasel

Usage examples of "kolinsky".

Boyle, plus Wright, Detective Captain Evans and Detective Kolinsky burst into the home and rushed the kitchen.

They come from a rare type of Kolinsky sable, and the brushes are handmade in one small factory in Manchuria.