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Koit is an Estonian word meaning " dawn". The word Koit is also used as an Estonian masculine given name.

Koit or KOIT may refer to the following:

  • Koit Toome (born 1979), Estonian singer
  • KOIT, a radio station (96.5 FM) licensed to San Francisco, California, United States
Koit (song)

Koit ( Estonian: "Dawn") is a song by Tõnis Mägi, made popular during the Estonian Singing Revolution. It is often seen as Mägi's signature song.

The song is a protest song, promoting the aims of Estonians looking to secede from the Soviet Union. The lyric is quite allusive, with references to a "new dawn" breaking. The final lines, however, make Mägi's point explicit, as he sings (in translation):

Land, land of my fathers, so sacred a land Which must now be free Our song, our song of freedom will sound And you will see a free Estonia.

The song is frequently performed at the Estonian Laulupidu and other patriotic events.

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