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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1727, from a Japanese local name for "carp."


n. Ornamental domesticated varieties of the common carp, ''Cyprinus carpio'', of Japan and eastern Asia with red-gold or white coloring


The abbreviation KOI represents, among other things,

  • the IATA airport code for Kirkwall Airport
  • the Indonesian abbreviation of Komite Olimpiade Indonesia for Indonesian Olympic Committee
  • the KOI character encodings for Cyrillic script
  • the KOI-18 cryptographic key fill device used by the U.S. government
  • the Kingdom of Italy
  • a Kepler Object of Interest
  • language code for Komi-Permyak language

You may be looking for:

  • Koi, a type of ornamental domesticated fish commonly kept for decorative purposes in outdoor ponds.
Koi (magazine)

Koi magazine is a British guide to the Koi keeping hobby.

Koi (disambiguation)

Koi are ornamental domesticated fish, commonly kept for decorative purposes in outdoor ponds.

Koi may also refer to:

  • Koi, California, a Native American settlement in Lake County, California
  • Koi (magazine), a British journal on the hobby of keeping Koi
  • Koi Kaze, a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Motoi Yoshida
  • Koi, Hanabi, Hatsune Okumura's debut single
  • koi, the ISO 639-3 identifier for the Komi-Permyak language


  • Furuichi Kōi (古市公威 1854–1934), a civil engineer and president of Kōka Daigaku, the present college of engineering of Tokyo University
  • Koi Turnbull, an American comic book artist
  • Koi, a Japanese comic book artist, author of Is the Order a Rabbit?
Koi (Pakistan)

Koi is a village in Kotli District, Pakistan.

Waterfalls on the river Mhool running through Village Koi, Near Bratla in District Kotli, Azad Kashmir.

This is close to where the famous battle of Dabrian took place. A few heavily armed Dogra soldiers managed to escape to Jammu by following the path of the river Mhool.

Koi (dish)

Koi is a "salad" dish of the Lao people of Laos and Isaan consisting of raw meat denatured by acidity, usually from lime juice. Common varieties include koi kung , with shrimp as the main ingredient, and koi paa'' /koi pla'' , which consists of minced or finely chopped raw fish in spicy salad dressing.

Koi can be a source of parasitic diseases. Koi made with raw fish is a popular dish in Laos and Isaan and a common source of infection with the Southeast Asian liver fluke Opisthorchis viverrini.

Koi pla eaten in north-east Thailand is made from raw fish, live red ants, herbs and lime juice. Koi pla is eaten soon after it is prepared, without a long period of soaking in acid juice. It is believed to be a cause of cholangiocarcinoma via liver fluke transmission.

Koi hoi is a variety containing raw snail meat. It has been associated with infection in humans by the rat lungworm Angiostrongylus cantonensis.

Usage examples of "koi".

They had the same features as Koi, and she retained an image of long toes grasping delicately between the blossoms and leaves.

Not a good survival strategy with Koi running around, but good, very good, for her immediate survival.

Because Koi and his family were a lever to move Dane one day, assuming she left here alive.

Inside, Koi lay on the smart-foam mattress, his eyes glassy, wrists and ankles bound with the wide straps of humane restraints.

As they reached the bright, stunning heart of the orbital, Koi stirred and whimpered.

Dane took Koi to the control center, with its bright visitor access, its gleaming surfaces, its machines, screens, data-storage tanks.

Then we passed over a series of ornamental ponds where plump gold and silver koi were mouthing near the surface.

For the second time since arriving in the city I saw koi gaping up at me.

The paths tangled around each other, meandering past koi ponds and ornamental waterfalls, encircling pagodas and teahouses.

It was just a question of pulling the trigger and putting the giant koi out of whatever extremely simplistic mental state it was currently in, certainly nothing sophisticated enough to be termed misery, I was sure.

There was a small crowd around him, just as before-people who would linger for a few minutes at the marvel of the age before realising that, really, all it was was a large old fish, and that, size apart, there was really nothing about Methuselah which was intrinsically more interesting than the younger, leaner, nimbler koi which thrived in the ponds.

Judging by the looks of shock and bewilderment and revulsion I saw, I might as well have been pissing on the ornamental lawn which fringed the koi pond.

Combat vessels of this sort are usually pretty cramped, but Soseki Koi had had a lot of time to change all that.

For Koi, it was simply the flow of historical forces, no more in question than the laws of gravity or thermodynamics.

Soseki Koi and a small group of survivors had fought their way clear of the Mitzi Harlan debacle.