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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Potash \Pot"ash`\, n. [Pot + ash.] (Chem.)

  1. The hydroxide of potassium hydrate, a hard white brittle substance, KOH, having strong caustic and alkaline properties; -- hence called also caustic potash.

  2. The impure potassium carbonate obtained by leaching wood ashes, either as a strong solution (lye), or as a white crystalline (pearlash).


Caustic \Caus"tic\, Caustical \Caus"tic*al\, a. [L. caustucs, Ge. ?, fr. ? to burn. Cf. Calm, Ink.]

  1. Capable of destroying the texture of anything or eating away its substance by chemical action; burning; corrosive; searing.

  2. Severe; satirical; sharp; as, a caustic remark.

    Caustic curve (Optics), a curve to which the ray of light, reflected or refracted by another curve, are tangents, the reflecting or refracting curve and the luminous point being in one plane.

    Caustic lime. See under Lime.

    Caustic potash, Caustic soda (Chem.), the solid hydroxides potash, KOH, and soda, NaOH, or solutions of the same.

    Caustic silver, nitrate of silver, lunar caustic.

    Caustic surface (Optics), a surface to which rays reflected or refracted by another surface are tangents. Caustic curves and surfaces are called catacaustic when formed by reflection, and diacaustic when formed by refraction.

    Syn: Stinging; cutting; pungent; searching.


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Two immediately ran toward the bodies of the dalesmen, but the other three rushed toward Kohren and Lanx, the two clerics of Lathander, who were still fumbling with their saddlebags.