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Köf may refer to one of a series of small German locomotives or Kleinlokomotiven including:

  • DRG Kleinlokomotive Class I - strictly speaking these were , not Köf locomotives as they did not have hydraulic transmission.
  • DRG Kleinlokomotive Class II (although, not all of this class were Köf locomotives)
  • DB Class Köf III
  • Other small locomotive classes including some of the Heeresfeldbahnlokomotiven
  • Kof, the Hebrew word for monkey

Usage examples of "kof".

There was an unaccustomed urgency in her voice, and it spurred Kof and Lendle to action.

As she rose with a small swell, she spotted Kof and several of the sailors paddling toward her.

Maquesta closed her eyes and thought about Kof, Lendle, and her father who so many years ago taught her to sail and to love the sea more than life.