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n. (taxlink Acacia koa species noshow=1), a species of large tree in the family Fabaceae which is endemic to and common on the islands of Hawaii; or the wood of this tree.


KOA is a clear-channel AM radio station licensed to Denver, Colorado. Owned by iHeartMedia, it serves the Denver- Boulder and Colorado Springs, Colorado markets. Nicknamed "the Blowtorch of the West", KOA has studios in Southeast Denver, while the transmitter site is in Parker. KOA broadcasts a news/talk format, and is also the flagship station of the Denver Broncos, Colorado Rockies, and Colorado Buffaloes.

KOA was first owned by General Electric and began broadcasting in 1924. The station started with 5,000 watts, and in 1927, increased to 12,500 watts. On July 7, 1934, power was raised to the current level of 50,000 watts. KOA is the dominant clear-channel station on 850 AM; at night, the signal can be heard in over 30 states of the U.S. and over most of Canada and Mexico. KOA sometimes can be picked up in California, and is usually picked up in Central Washington state, both locations are west of the Rocky Mountains, an obstacle that prevents most east coast radio stations from traveling west of the Rockies. As of November 1, 2015, KOA also broadcasts on 94.1 FM via K231BQ in Golden, Colorado, which is licensed as a translator of KBCO-HD3's simulcast of KOA.

Koa (disambiguation)

Koa or KOA may refer to:

  • Acacia koa, commonly known as koa, a species of tree endemic to Hawaii
  • The IATA airport code for Kona International Airport at Keahole, Hawaii
  • KOA (AM), a radio station (850 AM) licensed to Denver, Colorado, United States
  • KCNC-TV, a television station (channel 4) licensed to Denver, Colorado, United States, which used the call signs KOA or KOA-TV until August 1983
  • Kampgrounds of America, a franchise chain of North American campgrounds
  • Kick Off Association, an organization for fans of the soccer simulation computer game Kick Off
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a 2012 video game
  • KOA Corporation of Japan
  • Koa (warriors), a warrior class in traditional Hawaiian society
  • Koa (band), Czech world music band

Usage examples of "koa".

Sergeant-major Koa was seated against a vertical brace, his brown face wreathed in a grin as he waited for his new officer.

He made himself as comfortable as possible, and encouraged Koa to talk about his service in the Special Order Squadrons.

The force of the action only flattened Koa against the ceiling, but the hapless spaceman shot forward head first and landed with a clang against the bulkhead.

There was a lot he had to learn about dealing with spacemen, a lot Koa evidently knew very well indeed.

Rip and his men picked up Koa and continued their march to the decontamination room, grinning under their respirators at the consternation around them.

Take a sight at Koa through the instrument to get your bearings, then hold position.

Rip picked up the instrument and carried it to a point 90 degrees from the line represented by Koa and Santos.

In a moment he stood aside and Koa lifted out a perfect ring of thorium.

He bounced out of the hole and as Koa caught him he told Kemp to go ahead.

The Planeteers were already aboard, except for Koa, who stood by to cast off the remaining tie line.

By the time Koa had the strip in place he had pulled the connections from his belt light.

Sergeant-major Koa, an experienced Planeteer with a lot of understanding, came and stood beside him.

Through the transparent shell of the snapper-boat he saw lights moving toward the horizon and knew Koa was following orders.

Rip let most of the air out of the suit, then fought for breath until the pain in his arm told him that Koa had succeeded.

Also, one of the Connies got badly cut, another had some broken bones, and a third one bled into high vack when Koa cracked his bubble.