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Knott -- U.S. County in Kentucky
Population (2000): 17649
Housing Units (2000): 7579
Land area (2000): 352.192712 sq. miles (912.174899 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.819632 sq. miles (2.122837 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 353.012344 sq. miles (914.297736 sq. km)
Located within: Kentucky (KY), FIPS 21
Location: 37.347626 N, 82.956777 W
Knott, KY
Knott County
Knott County, KY

Knott is a mountain in the northern part of the English Lake District. It is the highest point of the Back o'Skiddaw region, an area of wild and unfrequented moorland to the north of Skiddaw and Blencathra. Other tops in this region include High Pike, Carrock Fell and Great Calva. The fell's slopes are mostly smooth, gentle, and covered in grass, with a few deep ravines. It stands a long way from a road and requires a long walk across the moor top get to it; this, as well as the fact that it is hidden from the rest of the Lake District by the two aforementioned giants, make it one of the most unfrequented tops in the Lakes. When it is climbed it is most often from Mungrisdale or from the north via Great Sca Fell. The word Knott is of Cumbric origin, and means simply "hill".

Knott (surname)

The surname Knott has several origins. The English-language surname is derived from the Middle English personal name Knut, a cognate of the Old Norse personal name Knútr, which is in turn derived from knútr ("knot"). The surname Knott is also a variant spelling of the German-language surname Knoth, which is derived from the Middle High Germanknode, knote ("knot").

Knott (disambiguation)

Knott is a mountain in the northern part of the English Lake District.

The Knott is a mountain in the eastern part of the English Lake District.

Knott or The Knott may also refer to:

  • Knott, Texas, community in the state of Texas, United States
  • Knott County, Kentucky, county in the state of Kentucky, United States
  • Knott Hall, residence hall at the University of Notre Dame
  • Knott Arena, sports arena at Mount Saint Mary's University, in Emmitsburg, Maryland, United States
  • The Knott (Stickle Pike), summit near Stickle Pike, south-western Lake District, England
  • The Knott (Stainton Pike), summit near Stainton Pike, south-western Lake District, England

For people with surname Knott, see:

  • Knott (surname)

See also:

  • Knotts
  • Knott's (disambiguation)
  • Knot (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "knott".

Amos broke it up, Tom took off, and Brittany went after him and Judge Knott took me to the hospital.

Deborah—Judge Knott, I mean—said that if he didn’t leave a will, everything would go to Mr.

I do not want to have to explain to Captain Knott why I let you leave the ship between here and Antares.

Clearly, Captain Behtab and Captain Roger Knott were on fairly good terms.

I must thank Captain Knott for giving me the opportunity to discover it.

He'd known that Captain Knott thought he was supposed to save them all from whatever was going on.

She looked out over the courtroom, her ice-gray eyes pausing briefly at Knott, Raeder, and Robbins.

Captain Knott said, looking around the conference table at his heads of staff.

Lieutenant Commander Sarah James did not acknowledge his entrance by so much as the flicker of a slender eyebrow, but Knott was sure she was completely aware of him.

It was one of those rare moments when Knott and James and every man and woman in that room knew, to the bottom of their souls, that they were part of something greater than themselves.

That was all Captain Knott could do, too—watch and wait and silently pray as the Space Command's men and women met the enemy.

The liquid in the cup Knott clutched was as bitter and oily as exhaust-vent cleaning residue, but he sipped it anyway.

She probably had enough cause for a whopping false-arrest-and-defamation suit, and Knott might be tempted to be a witness on her behalf.

Captain Knott sends his compliments and invites you to join him on the bridge when your people are settled.

Captain Knott said with cheerful lack of sympathy as he looked down the table at his division heads.