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Kno or KNO may refer to:

  • Kno, an American education software company
  • Collagen, type XVIII, alpha 1, a protein
  • Kno (Ryan Wisler), member of the hip hop trio CunninLynguists
  • Knockhill Racing Circuit, Fife, Scotland
  • Kono language, a Mande language spoken in Sierra Leone
  • Commander of the Order of the Polar Star (Swedish: )
  • Kuala Namu International Airport, an IATA code serving in Medan, Indonesia

Usage examples of "kno".

Before full winter, every warrior in every one of the western tribes will kno that Scapula intends to eradicate all memory of the Silures.

We kno that they are planning a massive campaign of defiance of the law especially those laws that have been introduced in the last few year, -the Group Areas Act and the Population Registration Act and the pass laws, the laws necessary to protect our complicated society frorr the evils of racial integration and miscegenation.

Then he discussed things like traumatic breakthroughs and psychological reluctances, and Rhyssa replied that sometimes it was nice to kno w someone who could always surprise you.